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10 Years - After a year and a half on the road touring 2010’s Feeding The Wolves, 10 Years reached a turning point. It was time to move forward and take full control of their career by launching their own label, Palehorse Records. In addition, the band decided to self-produce their fourth album, Minus the Machine, at drummer/guitarist Brian Vodinh’s Kashmir Recording.

Splitting up with a major label after five years was “a very scary step to take,” Hasek admits. “It’s like breaking up with a longtime girlfriend. You’re used to the motions, but when it becomes stale and unhappy, you need to move on and get energy back into your life. There was no anger on either side. We just painlessly parted ways.”


PSYPHEN - Chaos within order. Calm in the eye of a storm. Patterns in the midst of the unpredictable. All of these descriptions accurately portrait the creative elements of this Arizona-based band's music. Whether its the crushing rhythm of the guitars, pounding beats of the chaotic drums, or the thunderous grooves of the bass guitar, the mood, emotion, and energy clearly shine through. Capped by the dynamic vocals that draw you in before punching you in the face, Psyphen serves up a heavy mix of energetic and thought provoking music that mirrors their enigmatic and powerful live performances.

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